About Us

What is goLibero?

goLibero is liberty, when we say liberty, we mean freedom from traditional e-commerce platforms, that limit you in your growth and expertise.

It means that our marketplace includes everything necessary for almost any type of business or consumer to connect, interact and trade. Our intention is to reach as many different types of consumers, entrepreneurs and businesses who would benefit from goLibero and its freedom as possible.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even enterprises will find the essential tools on our platform needed for growth. Whether you are big or small, young or old, a self-starter, an entrepreneur, any kind of trader or service provider EVERYONE has a place on the goLibero marketplace.

We offer BUY NOW and BOOK NOW options for buyers and do not restrict our users to only classified ads

Seller profiles are straightforward and self-explanatory.  Customers can view your product or service and book or buy right away. 


You are a;

Regular user (Individual) who wants to advertise activities or services or display products. You prefer to deal directly with customers, no problem, for you goLibero is FREE and always will be!

Seller with physical products to list. You will always be able to take advantage of lower selling fees than other platforms or ZERO SELLING FEES if you choose the right membership. Our membership prices start from £1, cool right?. It's not all  about fees, you will benefit from goLibero’s essential tools for seller growth and business success.

Service provider, you will get our innovative reservation system where you can easily manage your bookings online as well as take payments in advance. You can use the booking system for both online and offline bookings allowing you to manage your entire schedule easily in one place. 
The system works perfectly for any type of business, whether that’s a building service, beauty salon or wellness clinic or an online business selling mentoring, teaching or coaching sessions. You can offer car rental, restaurant reservations,tables or holiday cottage bookings, literally any service, hire or rental you can think of!

Property owner or estate agent? If you are looking for new tenants for a rental property or selling a home, you can list a property just like using a classified advert. user.

Selling a car, a boat or any big household products? No problem. goLibero gives you the opportunity to advertise your goods and list them as pick up items only.

Last but not least, if you are a BUYER

SHOP with goLibero if you like to have all your sellers and service providers in one single marketplace.You will no longer need multiple accounts and applications. With goLibero you can have best shopping experience and find the best deals
Effortlessly book and buy goods and services in one trusted platform, and all this for a lower price than anywhere else. 

So if you are fed up with using multiple traditional marketplaces or are a seller or service provider looking for lower fees, better features and more customers where you just can’t find one niche skill or business, JOIN US TODAY and enjoy unique marketplace that really cares about every user.

Our team's common goal is  to build more than another marketplace. We are building technologies for businesses and a community where everyone is of equal importance.

— walking the walk in all that we do.